Our Clients & Prices

We are aiming our prices and brand at the Luxury Market and Music Industry.

We create one-off bespoke jackets and never create the same one twice. We use the best quality fabric paint and Swarovski and Eimass crystals.

Our children jackets take about 30 hours. Adult, and children portrait, jackets take between 68-100 hours. Catsuits and coats taking 150 hours plus.

Josh and DeviousD charge £25 per hours and RaunchyRay charges £50 per hour.

We add the following including Postage upon request:

Jeanjacket Designs

Swarovski Crystals
Jeanjacket Designs

Eimass Crystals
Jeanjacket Designs

General Material
Jeanjacket Designs

Jacket / Coat
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