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We offer a totally bespoke custom services for our one off, recycled jean jackets and jean clothing

We are 100% committed to our clients requests and offer 24 hour email/text support, especially as many of our clients are abroad and we need to support time differences and work around our clients filming/recording schedules.

We have a selection of retro/recycled jean jackets which we send photographs of several of the most likely to jackets with full measurements. Also we can source jackets. All clothing is washed first.

All bespoke work is required to be paid in full first, as it cannot be sold as it is bespoke only to the client. Our bespoke jackets take between 68-100 hours to complete.

After selecting a jacket, or the client can provide their own jacket, most clients either start with an idea or have a photograph/logo/concepts, emailed to us or ask us to design a jacket based on their themes. We usually offer 3 different designs for the client to choose, followed by discussions about colours, gems, logo placement etc. We make designs completely based on the clients idea but will offer suggestions if we think the artwork needs altering for a higher quality outcome.

It is very important to discuss every aspect of the idea first, so the client knows exactly how the jacket will look and be 100% happy with the artwork before we start painting. We do not repaint and are confident our clients will love our work. We have a large range of coloured paints and gems. We use Eimass and Swarovski crystals and Swarovski rivets.

We work extremely hard to produce the highest quality of work. We use high quality fabric paints that are heat pressed to fix. The jackets take 2 weeks to make and cure.

We show the clients photographs of their jacket before we post it out, in a tissue lined box, via courier, and tracking number. We also add the photographs to our website and social media, after the client has given their permission.

Jean Denim Jacket
Jean Denim Jacket
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