Artists & Their Styles

All the Artists collaborate to produce the highest quality Artwork.


We have three like-minded Artists who together founded Jeanjacket Designs.

Josh, DeviousD and RaunchyRay, that have over 82 years Art experience between them.

After having a clear-out and donating hundreds of costumes to local schools and friends, Ray and D decided it was time to focus on a more commercial venture with Josh. Ray continues to make her own children outfits, but now wants to sell her designs to a wider audience.

D, Ray and Josh as committed to recycling and upcycling and are passionate about creating beautiful Wearable Art on repurposed denim clothing, collecting it on trips to Europe and in UK.



Josh B.A.(hons) has a degree in 3D Art, favouring horror sculptures, Armour and weapon designs. Josh has his own Art Studio in his garden. Josh often shocked his Art Tutors and stealing the end of year shows, at College, with his outrageous huge sculptures; including a full-sized suit of armour, a multi-coloured 6ft Cicada and an evil full-sized life-like black Angel, upright on a head stone. Josh often disagreed with his Art Tutors “Fine Art” views. He wanted to show the Tutor his views.

One day, he asked his Mother if he could “borrow” a chair from her matching heavy oak dining set. Josh chopped one leg off the chair, singed the entire chair, then added a clay face with its mouth open, shoving the chair leg in its mouth, sticking upwards. Stained it in dark wood stain and presented it as his end of year piece, to quite a shocked Tutor.

Josh felt that his love of wood and metal work was not a viable career choice but still wanted to create his own style of wearable Art.

Josh specializes in bold clean-cut stencil style designs, using bright and dark prime colours with heavy gem designs. Josh always designed his own clothes, starting out of necessarily as he had such long legs and arms, off-the-peg clothes did not fit him.

As he got older he wanted to recreate his favourite Gaming characters. An avid Gamer and lover of horror movies, Josh took up to 15 months creating huge, full-sized costumes such DeathStroke and Dead Space to wear to attend Comic-con. Josh always designed his own clothes and loves to create horror, animals, anime and Gothic designs.

Josh also produces all the beautiful, colourful children jackets.



DeviousD specializes in fantasy Comic-book and Super-heroes, Graffiti, Pop-Art, Stencil designs and Logos, with a vast colour palette. D was heavily influenced by Dance moves in the 80’s, like Stan Lathan’s 1984 American drama dance film “Beat Street” and Joel Silberg’s 1984 dance film “Breakdance.”

D was bored of ordinary clothing styles, so D developed his Art styles designing clothes for his family, friends and himself over the last 30 years. D has created hundreds of designs on all his children’s clothing, using gems and crystals for the last 25 years.

D was a freelance Graphic Designer for 15 years and loves to mix stencil bold logos with colourful fantasy designs. DeviousD is avid Marvel and DC fan!



RaunchyRay specialises in Fantasy Portraits, hair, roses, wings, with background scenes, mixes all her own colours with over 50 skin colours. Ray specialises in all the gem work and uses hundreds of gems per piece.

Ray had strict parents and was only given boy clothes to wear as a child and so Ray always cut and stitched her own clothes to make them more fashionable. At Art College, Ray fell in love with the outrageous “Butterfly” dress designs of Zandra Rhodes and Impressionist Painters Edgar Degas, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Ray was obsessed with Impressionism Pointillism and the beautiful paintings of George Seurat. Ray spent hours in the college library pouring over David Baileys black and white photographs of ladies faces. Soaking in every minute beautiful detail.

Ray continued to customize her own clothes, while working in the West End of London as a cocktail waitress and Cocktail bartender in the 90’s. But after meeting D and having her children, she was struggling financially but her priority was always to make her own children look amazing.

Ray bought huge sized cotton dresses from charity shops, make her own patterns and hand stitched the most beautiful outfits for her children, including matching hats, hand muffs and making jewellery and hair bands with left overs. Then D would hand-paint all the designs.

Ray big passion was costume designing and making the entire family Halloween, Christmas and Comic-con costumes, to wear to Comic-con conventions. Ray even sold her items to her daughter school friends.

Ray worked as a costume Designer for her local Dance School, where she designed and created, with D help, over 600 dance costumes included a 30 foot Chinese Dragon, and D made the Dragons 4 ft moving head.

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