Jeanjacket Designs is owned by a young upcoming Essex -based Artist Josh, who has BA(Hons) in 3D Art. Josh collaborates with two like-minded Artists; self-taught Artist DeviousD and RaunchyRay who attended The London College of Printing. Together they possess with over 85yrs Art and design experience.

Having always been creative and designing his own clothes, due to his tall height and long arm length meaning clothes hard to buy, Josh began designing his own clothes.

Josh states:

“I was at college for 7 years, during that time, the fashion department was right next to where I studied. There was a lot of stuff they were doing that, but it just missed, like it was empty, just clothing. I saw it and just thought, there was space there that I could put stuff in.

I wanted to see how far I could go with making something different. And it’s recycled as well, things bring back to life, up-cycling, what they used to be but better, custom work, using your imagination, to create what you want to create.”

Josh goes on to say his Mission and his Philosophy is a recycling, with ethical principles, using imagination to create one-off luxury wearable Jean Jacket Designs Art pieces.

After leaving College, Josh began collecting denim jackets and experimenting with designs.

After designing his own jackets with and for his two fellow Artists; Josh then designed for his immediate family and friends, and founded JeanJacket Designs. Jeanjacket Deigns then reached out to the Music Industry, and began making tour jackets for International DJs and Music Artists. Creating one-off bespoke luxury hand-painted and hand-gemmed designs on recycled jean jackets with Swarovski crystals. Jeanjacket Designs began specializing in fantasy portraits, comic book, graffiti art, anime, hip hop, horror, animals, logos but can paint literally everything else.

They began uploading their artwork and their first Celebrity jean jacket designs, for James Kennedy, former frontman of Kyshera, Owner Konic Records, in short films to Instagram. Where renowned Photographer Ed Fielding became interested and asked for a collaborating, using his own photograph of Paloma Faith, at her The Architect Tour 2018, to be painted on his own jacket.

Ed Fielding loved it and connected Jeanjacket Designs with Shelley Rogers at Equal Fashion Magazine. Shelley invited Jeanjacket Designs to dress their own catwalk show at London Alternative Fashion Show, 20.9.18 at Syon Park London, with Aleah Leigh Designs, Dragon Lady Productions.

DJ Stash
equal magazine
equal magazine

Now That’s Equal – Issue 4-2018

Jeanjacket Designs will also be in Equal and Now That’s Equal Magazine. Ed Fielding became great friends with Jeanjacket Designs and the have since collaborated a few more times. Get this issue in print!

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